We welcome everyone who would like to share the love of God and be a part of our family!

Our Ministry

We welcome visitors to our church with a gift. We reach out to help parishioners as they deal with life events, such as illness, loss of a loved one, or the birth of a child.

Our Projects

  • Visitor Welcome Gifts
    Visitors are welcomed to St. Michael's with a gift.
  • Cards/Reminder Postcards
    Cards are sent to parishioners as they experience various life events (e.g., birthday, get well, condolences). We also send volunteer reminder postcards.
  • Meals
    Meals are delivered to parishioners in need (e.g., surgery, illness, birth, death).
  • Transportation
    Transportation is provided for parishioners who cannot drive themselves (e.g., for doctor appointments, errands, church).
  • Homemade Items
    Homemade items are made for parish families (e.g, items for newborns and prayer shawls/throws).
  • Calling Tree
    Parishioners are alerted with emergency messages using a calling tree (e.g., regarding death/funeral, special meeting, meeting cancellation due to weather).
  • Parish Nurse
    A healthcare professional from our parish is available for general health questions.
  • Spiritual Direction Program
    A spiritual director is a Christian who is trained to help us understand the questions, the dilemmas, and the hopes and dreams of our spiritual journey. As with any journey, it is best to travel with a companion, a spiritual friend.