November 27, 2016

Introduction: When I hear the accounts in scripture of the ‘end times’, my thinking goes to the incredible disorder that is indelible part of the text. Whether that is in Daniel, Ezekiel, Mark, Luke or Revelation. Personally I do not like chaos in my life. I like to get up and feel a sense of permanence to what is happening around me. As I have grown older and seen the world change so fast it is hard to believe anything is permanent. Growing up the phone we had a black rotary dial instrument, seemed as permanent as everything else in my life. Our neighbors, schools and places of business all seemed permanent fixtures. Now, my phone is disposable. Each new day seems to bring with it some new application I can add to my phone and wonder if I will ever master its new challenges.

I) Today Jesus calls into question what will remain, what really matters in our lives and more important are we ready for when He shall return? So often we turn to those important to us and look for permanence there, but I suspect Jesus was more interested in something more than just relationships.

II) specifically Jesus mentions two men in a field together, one is taken one is left; two women grinding wheat, one taken the other left. I believe he is inviting us to think of these people as inter-related. Both doing the same thing and yet having very different results in their destiny. Inviting us to ask ourselves what are we doing with our own lives? Are we prepared for the coming of Christ?

III) Jesus is really at the heart of this message inviting us to consider what will last. If not relationships, we are told that there will be no marriage in heaven. Instead I suspect we will be focused on how we take what God has given to us and use them in a way that exemplifies His own self glory. Or in other words, what is at the core of who we are, what really matters to us as a human being. We have already been told that we are to ‘love God with all our heart, mind, strength and soul and love our neighbor as our self.’ The only question that remains is what urgency do we live this out? Do we set out each day to demonstrate who we are by how we care for those around us? Doing this in a way that focuses on our relationship to God and seeing God in every person we come into contact with during the day. Personally this is no easy task. I have found myself having to ‘wake up’ and really pay attention to those around me and in so doing really think about what I am saying and doing. As we enter this Advent Season, readying ourselves for His Second Coming, we must be willing to take the time in prayer, spending time with God as we would a good friend and letting Him speak to our heart amidst all the turmoil in our lives.