December 25, 2016

Introduction: Life is something many of us take for granted. We assume the gift of life comes from the moment we take our first breath. We even have a saying it is as easy as breathing. Yet nothing about life is really easy. Life is a gift. One my old philosophy teachers spoke of it as a miracle. Not simply the gift itself, but the fact we are here at all. Think of the endless possibilities that brought each one of us into being. The chance meeting of your parents, the incredible number of chances for a different sperm and egg to come together. Nonetheless here you are. The writer of John has more in mind than simply this kind of physical life. We are given a spiritual life that is brought into being by the presence of the Word who have given us this new life of grace, being able to live in the midst of God.

I) We are reminded of this in the very beginning of the Old Testament in Genesis. In the very beginning God gave life to all that was through his spirit that swept over the dark waters and spoke light into being. This light is now identified as the source of not only physical but spiritual life. 

II) Even though we have received this great gift from God we have forgotten our true origin. As we have moved from this center of who we are, we have left what is truly of value. Instead we have rushed to welcome the darkness accepting this as the light while rejecting the true life of God’s love.

III) Now God has acted once more. Not willing to let us rush off into ever deepening darkness and taking this darkness to be the new light. He sends His only Son to become a beacon of hope, so that we being crushed by a longing we cannot fulfill. Knowing that our lives lack something intrinsically important yet unsure just how to fill this void. God comes to us as he once did over the formless waters of creation to bring new life as he did so long ago. This new effort would now be done not just on a spiritual plain but on a spiritual dimension. This new assault on evil would now bring about the potential for a new relationship not just with God and our fellow human beings, but an inner renaissance of our inner nature, a nature God is determined to claim back once more for himself.