Even Nails could not Silence Him

March 27, 2016

Introduction: Legacy, what do you hope to pass on to the next generation? We can become frustrated with the world and even become despondent over all the troubles and chaos that happens all around us. We can easily become resigned to the seeming fact that no matter what we do once we die that will be that. . . Even though we know deep down that this is not the entire story. One of the most important truths I was told in seminary is not to try to make a difference in the world at large so much as to make a difference in your immediate community. 

I) The women obey the commandment and rest on the Sabbath. They rush to the tomb where Jesus has been laid in order to carry out the final obligation they have to their teacher. The new day, the new week has begun. In the time Jesus lived there were no watches, only the sun, moon and stars to keep track of time. So a day ended and began at sunset. II) As they came upon the tomb the stone was rolled away and the entrance was gaping open. It was if someone had not only forgotten to lock the front door but left the door wide open! Many thoughts must have rushed through their minds. Had there been grave robbers? Were they still in the tomb? Were they in danger? They enter the tomb only to find the body gone! Now what! Then out of nowhere two men in gleaming apparel appear to them, asking them why do they look for the living 

III) After being reminded that Jesus will meet them in Galilee they rush back to tell the other disciples. When they arrive and retell their story the disciples do not believe them. Like so many who have followed them the old adage must have rung all too true: “What sounds too good to be true often is just that too good to be true”. So they simply stay where they are, safe from those who might harm them. . . Except Peter who rushes out the door to see for himself. He goes to the tomb sees the linens sitting just so but no body. Why would anyone take a dead body and leave that which after all had some value. We can imagine him gazing around him wondering just what had happened. He may well have been thinking is this indeed the end of the story, or perhaps is this just the beginning?