May 8, 2016

Introduction: Jesus prays for his disciples and those that they will reach out to, creating a community in his name. His prayer is that they may be one. Unity amid diversity is difficult. As we continue to strive to grow and expand who we are here at St. Michael’s this will become more of a challenge. We have been blessed with many new people who bring with them as many hopes and visions for us here as there are people. May we continue to expand our vision and mission to help incorporate them into our parish family.

I) Jesus prays to His Father that the disciples may be one as He and the Father are one. This unity has been and will continue to be exemplified in Jesus’ obedience to the Father’s will out of his love for the Father. He prays that the disciples will have this kind of love for each other. 

II) The difficulty for the disciples would be the change in the church’s mission from reaching out exclusively to Jews and those who peripherally attend the synagogue, to those who are outside the community entirely. This disruption in their corporate vision would almost lead to a schism within the church.

III) Only the ability of the early church leaders to listen to the words of Jesus would help keep them unified. Within His words they began to see a new vision for the church. We too, must be open to hearing where God may be calling us to go. We can be assured that we may go in a direction that for many of us will be uncomfortable. Anything new and different for most of us is a challenge. Most, if not all of us would like to keep things the way they are. God invites us to experience new life in His Body. This new life we experience in the Eucharist which we share together. The Eucharistic bread we have been sharing during the Easter Season is a reminder that though we are many we share in the one loaf of bread. May we continue to see God’s calling us to an ever closer and more intimate community.