The Holy Spirit

Sermon Notes - June 4

Introduction: The Holy Spirt is perhaps the least understood and certainly least talked about of the Trinity of God. We know God the Father as the Creator and God the Son as the redeemer who came to earth. Most of us can at least understand these concepts. The Holy Spirit is perhaps so removed from our experience because there is no easy way to describe the Spirits activity. I recall a former bishop of mine comparing the Spirits activity to the movement of Jell-O. Jell-O shakes when you barely touch it. It moves seemingly on its own accord. We may not understand this Spirit, but most of us would certainly affirm that this Spirit works in and among us.

I) After his death and he is raised to life, Jesus appears to the disciples. They are overjoyed at seeing him! He breathes on them and tells them to receive the Holy Spirit.

II) He now sends them out into the world. The problem is what are they going to do? How will they preach this new incredible message to a world that will undoubtedly be a world that will question what they have to say about this risen Lord! As we prepare to leave this safe spiritual home that has served our community so well these past 40 years we now are getting ready to become wanderers for a time. We know there will be a definite beginning and ending. Our temptation maybe to simply wait to begin our ministry when we are back in this building instead of seeing the challenge as doing ministry and reaching out to others while we are at Hinkle Creek School

III) Instead of staying home and awaiting the completion of our new building, our task is to remain faithful to who we are and do ministry where we are able to do so. Whether that is at the school, in our homes, at the shelter, at Marco’s pizza, or where ever we end up gathering as a community. The journey we are on is an adventure in faith. We have some idea of where we are going but we do not have an exact roadmap of where we are being led or the challenges we will face. What I know is that as long as we are willing to communicate, be flexible and willing to experience some chaos we will most certainly come out to our new remodeled sanctuary with a greater sense of purpose. I also believe we will have a deeper understanding of God and what it means to be a faithful people having to trust that God through his Holy Spirit will indeed lead us into an ever deepening relationship with Herself, for the Spirit is feminine in Hebrew.