God’s Presence Is Always With Us

The Lord gives us direction for our lives when we are open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the inspiration of the Creator, and the mind of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.  When we become humble in spirit and calm of mind, we can become aware of the direction God provides in our lives.

The intent of spiritual direction is to help us discern the will of God and then strive to follow that call.  God’s call can be about something major like a career decision or personal relationship.  It can also be about any of the many issues in our daily lives.  A spiritual director is a fellow Christian trained to help us understand the spiritual aspects of the questions, the dilemmas , and the hopes and dreams of our lives.   

Spiritual Direction as a Journey

Being open to and responding to God is the basis of our spiritual journey.  As with any journey, it is best  to travel with a companion, a spiritual friend.  A companion that will be nonjudgmental, prayerful, and will hold what you say in confidence.  Spiritual direction is not a quick fix, it is a discerning relationship.  Spiritual direction is not pastoral counseling or psychotherapy.

How It Works

Generally, one meets with a spiritual director once a month.  The meetings are held in the chapel and are one-to-one or can be in a small group.  There is no charge to parishioners for spiritual direction received at St. Michael’s. 

If you are interested in spiritual direction or learning more about it, please contact 317-773-6157. People that want to work with someone outside of St. Michael’s will be given the names and contact information of other trained spiritual directors in the area.

 Spiritual Direction at St. Michael’s is a ministry of the Helping Hands Commission.