February 2016

On January 17th we had our Annual Meeting where we elected three new vestry members, Nancy Allen, Sue Graves, and Bob Salach; to replace our outgoing vestry members, Mike Garrett, Craig Meyers and John Slendak. We also elected Claire Coons and Sara Wood as our Diocesan Convention Delegates, and received the 2016 budget that our vestry presented to us. As we celebrated the past year with the many successes we had such as the Canopy, our playground and the expansion of the Columbarium. Unfortunately we also remembered those who died this past year: Scott Gray, Judy Gleason, Don Holland, David Lewis, Ray Motluck, and Ken Wachtel. Each of these parishioners leaves behind their own unique legacy reminding us how blessed we are to be in such a loving parish family! May they rest in peace united with their God.

As we now enter the month of February we are invited once more to prepare for a Holy Lent. We will begin on February 9th at 6pm with our Shrove Tuesday Pancake dinner. This year Marion Redstone will be overseeing it with the help of Ken Busch and Nancy Allen. Steve Murphy will provide the music along with. . . you will just have to come and see! We will have our Ash Wednesday services on Wednesday, February 10th at noon and 7pm with communion and the imposition of ashes.

How will you make your Lenten devotion focus on deepening your relationship with your God, family and neighbor? Personally I have always found it helpful to make time for devotion. As I look back on what we have done here at St. Michael’s I think of the program we had last year on death and dying. We had several excellent speakers discuss end of life issues, having a will, and perhaps most important just making the time to let those we care about know our own thoughts about how we want to live out our lives and our expectations when it comes to our dying. This year we are fortunate to have Pat Dorwin, a new member of our parish family willing to lead us in a Lenten Devotional entitled “I Pray . . . I Ponder” by Linda Brown Goens. This is a Lenten monologue from the heart of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I hope you will join us beginning at 6pm for dinner followed by the monologue presented by Pat Dorwin. After she finishes we will have the chance to dialogue with her as Mary and think about what it might have been like to be the mother of Jesus. We are also hoping to have crafts available for the children we will finish planning on our Commission Night, February 2nd! If you would like to help or are interested in this program please come and find out more! We begin at 6pm with dinner and then break into our different commissions at 6:30pm.

Please keep us, our Senior Warden, Laura Cordray, and Junior Warden Bob Salach and the vestry of St. Michael’s in your prayers as we continue to work to fulfill our mission: “By being disciples of Christ, we invite others to be disciples by daily prayer, weekly worship, regular Bible study, having a spiritual friend, giving to the church and outside the church.”

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee