October 2016

When we had the Rev. Tom Rickenbaker join us for a vestry retreat one of the key issues he raised with us, was identifying and raising up new leaders at St. Michael’s. Our leadership was becoming overextended and we needed to recruit new leaders who could take some of the work off our present leadership and spread it around so it would not be so much on anyone person.

These past few years have seen our leadership at St. Michael’s continue to grow as we have added new families who bring with them new ideas and new talents. This is especially important as we as a parish move from being a pastoral sized parish and make the transition to becoming a program sized parish. Personally I have found this transition difficult to make because I like trying to have my finger in everything. Now that the building project is in full swing, we are working to provide housing to homeless families here in Hamilton County, and the parish continues to have the oversight needs it always has had such as to lead worship, pastoral care, and writing the newsletter to name a few.

In order to keep growing as a parish we will have to continue to reach out to new leaders within our church. If you are interested in serving on the vestry or know of a good candidate please let me or someone on the vestry know of who you think would make a good vestry member. A vestry member does not need to be someone who has been at St. Michael’s for a long time, but does need to be committed to building up the kingdom of God, will come to our monthly vestry meetings and commission meetings and attend our Sunday services regularly. We have been blessed with excellent leadership in the past and I look forward to seeing where God leads us on our journey together as we continue to advance His Kingdom! May God bless you, I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee