November 2016

Thanksgiving is one of the most overlooked Holidays on our calendar. As a child I can remember Thanksgiving as a time we actually would take a moment for to recall the great many things we have been given in our lives to be thankful for and make time to pause and recognize all God given us in our lives. As we make time to reflect on all God has given us here at St. Michael’s I am overwhelmed by God’s great generosity here at St. Michael’s! The leaders and many workers he has given us here to help expand His kingdom is amazing!

This past year we have witnessed St. Michael’s leadership continue to expand. As we have received new members many have been willing to take upon themselves leadership positions within our church. To name just some of what our new members who have been ready to help lead us are Rick Stilley, Rita and Steve Ash. Their leadership in outreach has really helped us remain focused on our commitment to reach outside of St. Michael’s. They have done this through the energy and vision Rick has put into our vegetable garden. The produce can be given to those in need in our community and his leadership in making our building and grounds as attractive and inviting as possible to help reach out to families in our community to come and give us a try. Steve and Rita Ash have been instrumental in helping us with Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). They have been willing to utilize the past experiences they have had in parishes working with the homeless to help us here as we work to bring IHN here to Hamilton County.

Michael Detamore urged me to start a men’s Bible study which we have just begun on October 10th. We meet at Perkins on 37 every Monday at 7am to discuss the Old Testament using B. W. Anderson’s Understanding the Old Testament. We hope to not only study the Old Testament on Mondays but encourage the men to get involved helping parishioners and even those outside the church who need help around their homes. As I once more think about our mission statement: “By being disciples of Christ we invite others to be disciples of Christ through daily prayer, weekly worship, regular Bible study, having a spiritual friend, giving to the church and outside the church. These new leaders are encouraging us to do focus on many aspects of our mission, specifically to have regular Bible study, have a spiritual friend and giving to the church and outside the church!

May God bless you this Thanksgiving! , I am, Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee