January 2017

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, January 15th. As in the past, we will have only one service that day beginning at 9:30am. We will once more incorporate elements from all three services into our one service to try and help all of us feel at home. We will have the service of the Word which will be followed by a brief break in order to let the children go to Sunday school, have breakfast or a quick bite for those who need something to eat, and then we will go into our Annual Meeting and then conclude with the Eucharist. During the Annual meeting we will elect three new members to the vestry, as of now our three candidates are Ken Busch, Bailey Detamore, and Stacy Elmore. We will also be saying good bye and give thanks to our three outgoing members. Senior Warden, Laura Cordray, Beth Aldrich Worship commission and Dabney Noble Christian Education commission.

We have much to celebrate this past year! We have a new organ, raised flower beds and a new Men’s Bible Study. Our new organ has certainly enhanced our worship here at St. Michael’s as we have not only used it during our worship services but have also had two concerts one in March and the other this past October 30th and we have another one planned for Epiphany, January 6th with an English Holiday meal! Thanks to the leadership of Nancy Allen and your generosity we once more have no worries as far as our finances, having had a pledge campaign that is now 67 pledges strong and $137,956.00 in pledges for 2017.

Our vegetable garden in the back looks so nice now that we have raised beds, water ready to be hooked up, and the rest of it ready for planting as row crops this Spring with the knowledge that we will then install six more raised beds and in 2018 complete the project with the addition of a fence around it to keep out the deer.

We are now in the process, thanks especially to Laura Cordray and Bobbie DeBettignies, to moving ahead with the remodeling of the Sanctuary. During these past nine years since I was called here as your rector we have worked hard updating our building, grounds and programs working to grow St. Michael’s, I view this updating our place of worship as the culmination of these efforts and hope that we will grow to the extent we will no longer need assistance from the diocese. I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee