May 2016

Memories! As I think back on 30 plus years of ordained ministry, the night of April 16, 2016 will rank right at the top as one of my most wonderful memories of my ministry! We had such a fun evening of good food, laughter and joy, as we raised $7,862.50 for our organ! Yes we now OWN this awesome instrument that will certainly be enjoyed for at least the next generation! What a wonderful legacy for the many parishioners, guests and those joining us for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms and funerals. We now have raised (in the bank) some $10,118.50 and we have already been assured by several others of some more gifts to follow. We have already gone ahead and spent a little on special music to be used for this wonderful instrument and we will also now be able to pay for some specialized training for Steve Murphy and Jane Walters so they can take maximum advantage of all this organ has to offer! I still have a hard time believing in just 2 ½ hours we were able to raise this kind of money or $3,145.00 per hour!!! For those of you unable to join us you certainly missed a GREAT time. Special thanks to Priscilla Slendak for her leadership reaching out to our community and getting such nice articles in the Times and on Channel 8. Thanks too to Steve Murphy for his great interview skills! Lee Ann Gray did an outstanding job with Priscilla in reaching out to local merchants in our area getting coupons for services and even a Rooster! Of course thanks to everyone who came and so generously supported the auction and to all those who donated items to our auction! The many talents we have here at St. Michael’s are incredible!

The week before on Friday April 8th will also be one of my most treasured memories of ministry! Our web site design presentation by Elizabeth Pike, our organ concert by Tim Denton and our Italian meal provided by Marion Redstone and his many helpers! Elizabeth has done an outstanding job getting our new web site up and running! The amount of detail that goes into a project like that is mind boggling! She has helped us move on up in the Google ratings so that when you go looking for an Episcopal Church in Indianapolis we come up far sooner than we did before her work. Tim Denton was described at one point as ‘running’ on the foot pedals of the organ! Then of course we had the Italian Dinner! Marion Redstone even spent most of Thursday straight through to Friday morning preparing the dinner. Some of Marion’s helpers were Deborah Burke, Ken Busch, Yes we have been so incredibly blessed with so many talented and capable people here at St. Michael’s!!! My hope is that you will continue to make a point and join us for worship as we continue to do all we can to create a worship space where all are welcome and can find a setting where they can worship God in a way that suits who they are. Whether you enjoy quiet at our 8am service, the exuberant piano at the 9:30am service or the more stylized and majestic organ of the 10:30am service there is indeed something for everyone here at St. Michael’s.

Looking forward we will kick off our Capital Campaign on May 15th with a special presentation at all three services. We will also welcome Kynna Yehling who will be baptized that day at the 10:30am service.

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee