August 2016

As we approach a new church year I recall a conversation I had with Jeremy Mills, the pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church. He shared how it is the congregation that does the work and the minister must be willing to applaud those who come forward to take on the important tasks of making sure the church runs smoothly and effectively. He went on to state how fulfilled he feels at Epiphany because the congregation is continually willing to challenge itself, bringing change and growth.

On a personal note, I have felt so fortunate to be involved with a congregation where so many of you do so much! Sometimes it can be easy to take things for granted and not see the work behind all of the necessary tasks that make St. Michael’s such a vital parish. We have a hard working vestry that has spent countless hours overseeing the remodeling of our sanctuary, managing our building and grounds so they look as beautiful and hospitable as possible, making sure we have parish events that bring us together, a vibrant and healthy Christian education program, and a Sunday worship experience that is meaningful.

What I am especially pleased to see is so many of you taking pride in how our church looks and wanting it to be a place where people feel welcome. Outside our grounds are taking shape because of the loving care they are receiving. In the back, both the flower garden and the vegetable garden are thriving; bushes are trimmed and pristine. In front, the trees look so nice, with the flowers and new mulch; weeds in the driveway are disappearing; sidewalks are trimmed; the area around the cross is weeded, so that the edging around appears once more.

The interior is being looked after as well, with volunteers cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis so that it is always ready for the next dinner. Walking around the church after our volunteer sextons have come and cleaned it with the care only given by someone who is a member! For me these changes of new leadership challenging us to see our church anew has resulted in new leaders coming forward!

Thank you for your participation and help making St. Michael’s a faith community that invites others to be disciples for Christ,

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee