September 2016

During our time together these past nine years we have worked together to reach out to our neighbors. We have done this by enhancing our grounds outside, the interior of our building, and by creating programs that help incorporate those who have come to us seeking spiritual renewal. Indeed, it is hard to believe all that has happened over this time! We have increased our average Sunday attendance by about 40 percent from 67 to over 100 on an average Sunday. Our giving has gone from $70,000.00 a year to almost doubling to $131,000.00.

We have certainly grown due to your friendliness and reaching out to new families as they join us here at St. Michael’s! Many other things you our parishioners have accomplished have also helped us grow! One of the symbols that still has real power for me is our cross out front by the sign. Our previous white cross continues to act as its foundation. The white cross reminds me of those who have been here before we experienced all of this new growth and serves as the foundation for our present congregation. We have done such things as put a beautiful flower garden around our sign, our canopy which lights up every night over our front door, our statue of Jesus and the lamb indicating our desire that all should experience the love of Christ here at St. Michael’s, the new playground, shelter, and sidewalk out back. Our community garden which we continue to enhance each year to provide food for ourselves and others.

We have also worked hard to expand the efficacy of our building. Our updated kitchen downstairs, our sound system in the sanctuary, the hangings behind the cross, our opening up the Narthex and creating the coffee room and library to provide meeting space during coffee hour and throughout the week, adding new carpet upstairs, new pedestals for our flowers, and even a pusena to use to empty our consecrated bread and wine into. We also have a screen, drums, key board and new organ to help lead our worship.

Finally, we have worked to add new programs to help incorporate all our new people. Having a 9:30 contemporary service, our Third Monday Women’s Group, our Rite 13 Youth Group Class, our Commission Night, Lenten programs, Vacation Bible School, and Mothers of Preschoolers program. St. Michael’s is an exciting place to be, in part because of your willingness to change and grow with the needs of those around us. Now as we are reaching out to the homeless by participating in the Interfaith Hospitality program we are doing what we can to help those in need by sharing our church with those families who are needing support so they can once more have their own home! May God bless you this new year as you have blessed so many of our neighbors!

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee