March 2017

Lent is almost upon us as Tuesday, February 28th is Shrove Tuesday, and we will be observing that day with pancakes, sausage patties, juice, milk, and coffee. We will begin serving at 6pm and conclude around 7pm. Steve Murphy will once again provide the musical entertainment. Please come and join in the festivities as we begin our preparations to observe a Holy Lent. The next day, March 1 is Ash Wednesday, one of the two fast days on the Episcopal calendar, the other is Good Friday, (see the Book of Common Prayer page 17) and we will have a quiet service at noon and a service with music at 7pm.Both services will have communion and the imposition of ashes.

During Lent we will have Pat Dorwin giving a presentation during our Wednesday dinners. Her program is entitled “Flawed Women of the Bible Loved by a Flawless God.” You will recall the great job she did this past year with her presentation about Mary the mother of Jesus. She examined his ministry that would culminate in his death through the eyes of his mother. This year we will be exploring how God used women who were broken and even used their brokenness to reach out to others. As in the past we will begin each evening with a dinner. This year we will have as our hosts: On Wednesday March 8 the choir will host the dinner, on March 15 Christian Education will be our hosts, on March 22 Outreach will host, on March 29 Stacy Elmore will be our host, and on April 5 The Men’s Bible Study will host.

We are also beginning to pack up and get ready for our move. The Rev. Dave Schreiber, pastor of the ELCA Church of the Resurrection, joined us for our Vestry Retreat as part of this preparation. He has been the pastor there for 25 years and they have just gone through the process of building a sanctuary. They are a church that has many similarities with us. Many of their neighbors, because of the way the building was configured did not realize they were a church. They had been built in the mid 1970’s. They were one of the few liturgical churches in their area that accepted everyone. As he shared many of his insights into what they did right and what they did wrong we found ourselves feeling like we were not so alone in our journey. May God bless us on our journey this L:enten Season and throughout our coming journey remembering as important as creating a more vibrant and welcoming space is, it’s NOT about the building it’s about our mission and ministry in Christ!

What ties this holy period together is God’s leading us, his flawed people, on a journey that will lead us to experience His holiness in a new way, enriching our spiritual lives and helping us recognize that it is not out of our perfection but out of our brokenness that God works within us. This in turn helps us reach out in mission and ministry to others, I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee