May 2017

The Rector’s Desk

We have several special events coming up in May! Our new Bishop, Jennifer Baskerville Burrows will join us May 7th for her first pastoral visit as our new Diocesan Bishop! On May 7th we will have all three services and Sunday breakfast. At the start of the 10:30am service we will have our ground breaking with the bishop; we will then go inside to celebrate our Eucharist. After the 10: 30am service we will (weather permitting) have a simple but elegant reception with our new bishop with hors d’oeuvres and a juice bar. Please be sure to join us for what promises to be a memorable day in our community life here at St. Michael’s!

This past April 21st was a wonderful evening as we raised almost $6,500 towards our chimes that will be heard throughout our neighborhood as they are broadcast from our new steeple. I certainly enjoyed our evening together as our Youth Group, thanks in large part to Alison Schaefer, prepared a delicious spaghetti dinner, served it and cleaned up afterwards. A special thanks to Charley and Sheila Chaudion for their willingness to donate their time once more! This is the EIGHTH year they have helped us here with the auction. Over that time we have raised money for our shelter, sidewalk to the shelter, play area, organ and now chimes! With just these items alone, we have raised over $30,000! Thank you all so much for your support over the years! Again, Priscilla Slendak did an amazing job coordinating the auction, getting such great things to auction off from the community, and even having special gift items that were given away during the auction which made it a GREAT deal of fun! Of course, thanks to everyone who helped by donating items, bringing food and coming to bid!

At present time, we plan to stay in the office Monday through Thursday 9am until 1pm, even after construction is under way. As for now, we will be meeting at the church through Sunday, May 21st. Breakfast and Coffee Hour will continue through that date, as well as the nursery for ages 0 through 7. As I shared earlier, we are just about ready to move over to Hinkle Creek Elementary School. To get to the school, go past the church (on your right) and to the stop sign. Go LEFT at the stop sign and you will be on their campus. Go to where the yellow sign and yellow car can be found and you will be at the entrance closest to where we will go in to worship.  We will have one service during our time at Hinkle Creek - a 9:30am rite II Eucharist. Please come so we can support each other and share the excitement as we watch our new remodeled sanctuary taking shape. We plan to be back in our church no later than the first Sunday in December. Meetings that we need to have, such as Commission Night, vestry, and DOK will take place at Marcos pizza, which is on the corner of South Harbour Drive and State Road 38, unless otherwise indicated. We have already had a vestry meeting at Marcos and I have taught my confirmation class there.

Please do not stay away from church due to our changes in venue and times! We will go back to our “normal” schedule once we move back into our building!!!

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee