June 2017

The Rector's Desk

When my children were young and we would travel a distance for our summer vacation the inevitable refrain would arise “are we there yet?! As we continue on our journey to remodel our sanctuary the temptation is to wonder are we there yet? When is the sanctuary going to be started and more important when will we finally have a finished product?! What we know now is we will have our last service in our present St. Michael’s on June 4th. Our first service at Hinkle Creek Elementary school will be on June 11th. To get to Hinkle Creek, if you come down off of Country Road 38 you will be heading North and the church will be on your right. Go past the church to the stop sign and turn left at the stop sign. You will enter the parking lot follow the signs and enter where the yellow sign is.

We will have just one service on Sunday while we are at Hinkle Creek which will take place at 9:30am. Please join us during the summer as we now have the chance to worship altogether each Sunday. We are all excited to finally get started with the building process which should find us in our new renovated sanctuary by Thanksgiving. During our time at Hinkle Creek we hope to be able to do some experimenting with new ways of worship. Some may work out and we may want to keep when we move back and some ideas may just as well be left behind at Hinkle Creek.

As a reminder our worship will be less formal due to the fact that we will probably have to be doing some taking down and setting up to start with, although the good news is that since we are beginning our time at Hinkle Creek during their summer break chances are we can leave our set up in-place at least during the summer. One of my goals is to incorporate the youth as acolytes during our time away from St. Michaels.

My hope is that this time away from our sanctuary can be a time of renewal as we worship in a new place, using a little different format of worship and certainly having the chance to worship with those we may not get the opportunity to worship with due to our having three services. When we go back to St. Michael’s we will go back to having an 8am Rite I, a 930am Morning Praise Service and our Rite II service with music. Personally I can hardly wait to see what the new sanctuary will look like and how our organ will sound in the new space. We will certainly have more work to do when we get back as some things due to financial constraints may have to wait for completion until a later date. Please be patient with the process we are going through because it will take some time to get everything accomplished. We know that the sacristy and cry rooms will not be done and so we will have to find a way for us to get these things finished. We will not have a projector that hangs from the ceiling and there will certainly be many other things we will have to live without for a time. The important thing for all of us to remember is the hard work so many have already done to get us to this place and that we will certainly complete that which we have started it will just take us some time to get all the renovations we want in place! Let us remember that if we do not enjoy the process we will in all likely hood not enjoy the end result! May God continue to bless us as we move forward, I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee