July 2017

The Rector's Desk

June fourth was a memorable day for several reasons. This was the last day we would celebrate services in our sanctuary before it is to be remodeled. Yes I am looking forward to our new sanctuary. Yet, not knowing the future is always a bit disconcerting, and I find myself feeling anxious as to what the future will bring. This was also an emotional day for me as we said good bye to a dear parishioner and friend, Don Gooden whose funeral was the very last service in our sanctuary. Don reminded me of my uncle Ralph who though quiet and soft spoken when he did speak demanded your attention. He too was a gentle giant. Don and Julie have been here the entire time of our sanctuary some 40 years. I shall certainly miss Don but I was glad we were able to celebrate the legacy of his life in the sanctuary he had worshiped in these past 40 years.

I want to thank all of you for your patience in advance as we begin the process of remodeling our current sanctuary to keep our ministry here at St. Michael’s front and center. It is not about the building but about our ministry! As part of your ministry please make it a priority to keep up your worship attendance. Although we are not in our sanctuary that does not mean our worship is not at the core of who we are and we still have visitors and those interested in our church. The number of visitors will certainly increase as the work on the sanctuary becomes more obvious in the weeks to come. Our Youth Group did such a nice job presenting the sermon and offering several hymns this past Sunday. Reminding me we can worship anywhere and have an important spiritual experience.

We had a tremendously successful Strawberry Festival on Friday and Saturday. It felt like such a wonderful celebration with the music, the arts festival, face painting, balloons, and of course the Strawberry shortcake. Nancy Allen and Laurie Schoening did their usual outstanding job in making this our 40th Festival a success. Not only financially, we will gross I believe over $17,000.00 for the event having used up just about all the shortcakes and strawberries! More important people had a good time. What a nice way to serve our community!

This summer we will have Adult education opportunities for those interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church. I also plan to have acolyte training for those interested in helping with the service.

As we have the chance this summer to relax and reflect on our community life here at St. Michael’s I find myself at times almost overwhelmed by how much we have accomplished together! I can hardly wait to see produce coming from our raised garden in back and have enjoyed seeing the shelter in back being used by both our parishioners and neighbors, most recently for Lily Smith’s graduation celebration, having had the chance to have 16 parishioners confirmed and another reaffirm their baptismal vows, and going with Rick Stilley as he begins his path exploring his call to the diaconate. May God bless you and watch over you and your families this summer, I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee