August 2017

The Rector's Desk

We are preparing to begin a new chapter in the life of St. Michael’s. As a congregation we have been through a great deal together. When I came here in 2007 St. Michael’s was struggling with just who we were as a congregation, some even wondering whether or not we would survive. These past ten years have seen us work together to build a sense of community among us and reach out to the greater community of Noblesville and beyond to bring the love of Christ to those in need of experiencing that love and compassion here at St. Michaels.

As we have begun the remodeling of our Sanctuary, we may believe the end is in sight, but I think of this as rather a new beginning. God is now challenging us to use the new resources He has made available to continue to reach out to others and fulfill our mission as a church. This was emphasized to me these past two months due in part, to my father-in-law joining us at Hinkle Creek School, while he was visiting us. What stood out to me was that he was not particularly concerned with the building but rather the community. After his third service with us, he reflected with a smile how nice it was to see people he knew and be able to be greeted by them and to greet them in return. Our task is to enable visitors to have this kind of experience where they are made to feel at home and can look forward to worshiping with us by having the chance to get to know members of our community in ways that will encourage friendship.

Our new ‘look’ may get people to come and see but it will be the warmth and caring of this community that will encourage them to return again and again. We have been so fortunate to have so many hard working and caring people in our midst that has helped create this atmosphere! My hope for us going forward is that we will continue to build on our love of God and neighbor allowing those who come here experience that love and care.

One of the secrets to our ability to care for others and create a welcoming community is to come to church on Sundays. I have found it such a joy to be able to worship with all three of our individual communities at once this summer and hope you will come and help us celebrate God’s work here at St. Michael’s.

Thank you for your participation and help making St. Michael’s a faith community that invites others to be disciples for Christ,

I am,

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Lee