Our Ministry

Our members prepare and then clear the altar for each service. Whichever service you attend, there are volunteer opportunities available. Most of us work in pairs during the weekly set-ups and take-downs. We also work as a group when preparing for special services. The satisfaction in knowing that our work helps each service flow smoothly makes this a rewarding ministry. Although we take our ministry seriously, we make time for some fun, too!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Polish silver and brass

  • Wash and iron linens

  • Prepare the bread and wine

  • Prepare the altar before the service

  • Clear the altar after the service

  • Prepare the church for special seasonal services (e.g., Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week)

  • Prepare the church for special occasion services (e.g., baptism, wedding, or funeral)

  • Fellowship and planning meeting twice a year.

We welcome new faces! Please contact us if you have any questions.