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Rector: Reverend Dr. Lee Schaefer

Fr. Lee joined us November 4, 2007, as our priest at St. Michael's. He is originally from Minnesota. Since graduating from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1983, he has served in North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee. While serving at St. Timothy's in Kingsport, TN, Fr. Lee completed his Doctor of Ministry. He and his wife, Alison, have two grown children, Nicholas and Sarah. 

Parish Secretary: Carol Darling

Music Director: Steven Murphy

Steve serves as St. Michael's Music Director and Organist. He has a Master of Music from Ithaca College Conservatory and a Bachelor of Music from State University of New York at Fredonia. He is a local musician and can be found performing at various Indianapolis venues. Steve enjoys performing all styles of music, including pop, jazz and classical. He also teaches piano lessons. For more background information and to hear music clips from his albums, please visit his website.