We welcome everyone who would like to share the love of god and be a part of our family!

Our Ministry

We facilitate communication within the church and promote a "spread the word" campaign outside the church.

Our Projects

  • Emails/Bulletins/Mailings
    Regular emails are sent to parishioners: weekly announcements and sermon notes, monthly Messenger and calendar/schedule, and other announcements. We also collate Sunday bulletins and assist with mailings.
  • SignUpGenius
    Online sign-ups using SignUpGenius are created for volunteer opportunities, special events, and other needs.
  • TV Monitor/Outdoor Sign
    The narthex TV monitor is updated with parish happenings and the outdoor sign is regularly refreshed with new messages.
  • Church Website
    We regularly update the church website.
  • Internet Presence
    Internet presence is maintained through our Facebook page, listing/reviews on various sites, and other strategies.
  • Promotional Materials
    Promotional materials are created to spread the word about St. Michael's: pamphlets, rack cards, flyers, posters, car magnets and decals, t-shirts, etc.
  • Welcome Wheels
    Neighbors who have recently moved into our community are welcomed with a St. Michael's pamphlet and cookies.
  • Community Events Booth
    An informational booth about St. Michael's is hosted at select community events.